Awards and Honors

International Mathematical Contest in Modelling (MCM)


The International Mathematical Contest in Modelling is a very fun and very challenging contest I have done for two years. During the contest, teams of three choose one of several possible, open-ended problems. The team then must come up with a paper in 96 hours that provides a solution. My team has done well both time we have competed, and we plan on trying again in 2017. Copies of our contest submissions can be found in my portfolio.

  • 2015: My team modeled algorithms for searching for crashed planes, such as the lost Malaysian plane. Out of around 3000 teams, our paper was selected as one of 5 outstanding winners. Immediately after finishing, my teammates and I vowed to try again next year.
  • 2016: The second time around, my team modeled the propagation of "space junk," which poses a significant risk for future space flight. We had to both develop a scientifically viable way to decrease the quantity of debris and make it economically viable for a private business. The judges found that our analysis of our model's sensitivity was insufficient, and awarded us the ranking of "meritorious." Taking their suggestions into account, we hope to do better in 2017.

Shell Ideas 360: Stage II Competitor


In 2016, two friends of mine and I competed in Shell Ideas 360, a contest calling for innovative ideas dealing with food, energy, and water. Our idea, the Tidal Electric Generator (TEG), was one of 74 of 1000 submissions selected for the second stage. The promotional video my team created is available on my portfolio.

Boettcher Scholarship


The Boettcher Foundation, a large charity founded by the prestigious Boettcher family of Colorado, generously offered me one of their scholarships. It was a great blessing that allowed me to attend any school in Colorado for free. This scholarship encouraged me to stay in Colorado, the state I love most. I am deeply grateful to the Foundation.

The National Merit Scholarship Corporation kindly offered me a scholarship for my academic performance and test scores.

National Merit Scholarship


Based on my academic performance in high school, I was one of 500 or so semifinalists nationally for the Presidential Scholars Program. It was a great honor to make it that far, though disappointing to not be one of the 121 scholars.

Presidential Scholar Semifinalist


After my sophomore year of high school, I was nominated by my AP Chemistry teacher for a medal from the Colorado Local Section of the American Chemical Society for my performance in the class. My teacher generously described me as the top student in AP Chemistry that year.

Medal from American Chemical Society